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Ritual tower for the serpent death

September 20, 2021
Nocturnal (DEU) - Serpent Death

The sparkling guitar solo opens the gate of the Nocturnal (DEU) - Serpent Death album's twilight fairy tale, then rolling the musical canvas of the Black Ritual Tower song. Intro's guitar riffs reveals the path of the From Terminal Death main motive, but then music is accelerated in an unrestrained race together with vocals rage.
Swiftness and fierce drive chase for unknown temptations, completing the Beneath a Steel Sky song's musical tacts with final guitar passages. The vocal party is put forward to the foreground of the Faceless Mercenaries musical image, using the support of the musical elements of the sound.
Guitar suspension of the Bleeding Heaven intro sets the direction of the procession of a leitmotam, complemented by vocal experiences. The Damnator's Hand composition is rapidly chained as a chosen target. Powerfully, soak and stubbornly, the Circle of Thirteen song rolling the waves of a harsh combat march, disassemble and violently marching to the chosen ones.
The vocal party alternates with bright guitar passages in the foreground of the Void Dweller musical image. The guitars part captures the dominant position in the sound, asking the direction of the march of the musical sound of the Suppressive Fire song. The Iron Throne composition completes the album with a battle march, combined with mystical musical echoes.