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Ritual of the holy anger

July 28, 2023
Downset - Downset

Expressing, emphasizing and repeating again and again the name of the Anger! song in the introduction, the music creates unity with the unrestrained severity of the vocals pressure, then uniting in a stubborn march and opening the musical gates of the Downset - Downset album with an assertive sound, receding before the twilight mystery of the Ritual musical fairy tale introduction, giving foggy shades, but then weaving music and vocals into a mesmerizing dance. The Take 'em Out composition rolls in waves of a rhythmic march, raising the phrases of vocal recitative to the crests of musical waves.
Weaving a bewitching musical lace, the Prostitutionalized unhurried vocals story envelops its procession with these veils in a thoughtful charm, foreshadowing the zealous rage of the opening of the title track of the Downset album, retreating before the significance of the vocals story in a confident and exciting march, ending with the unity of the mysteriousness and rebellion of the My American Prayer track, pushing the vocal part to the front the plan of the musical image and complementing the vocal phrases with whirlwinds of guitar riffs.
After the intriguing sacrament of the introduction, the vocal raises the emotional banners of its anxiety, marching with them in the procession of the Holding Hands march, giving the music and vocals unity in the whirlwinds of the About To Blast composition, giving hopeful shades to the chorus. Beginning with the announcer's address and the groans of the victims, the Breed The Killer song then rolls in waves of a painful procession, somewhat diversifying the rhythm and tempo with artistic variations, returning to a rhythmic procession with mysterious windings from side to side in the sound of the Dying Of Thirst final composition of the album.