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Ritual for unity with the essence of the night

October 19, 2022
Lacrimas Profundere - How to Shroud Yourself with Night

The sad twilight of the musical passages envelops the vocal reflections of the Wall of Gloom dark anthem with the twilight of riddles in the verses, raising the banners of dark celebration in the chorus, continuing the musical narrative of the Lacrimas Profundere - How to Shroud Yourself with Night album with the primacy of A Cloak Woven of Stars main motif, setting its sound in the introduction, crowning the musical passages of the chorus with emotional vocal inspiration. The epic mystery of the Nebula musical saga fascinates with intriguing shades, then marching with confident vocals proclamations united with whirlwinds of musical passages.
Rhythmics and melody are mesmerizingly combined in the In a Lengthening Shadow musical image, intriguing with the vocal mystery of the lyrics of the verse and returning in the chorus to the chosen musical path in anticipation of the twilight haze and mystical mystery with shades of oriental folklore and vocals despair in the sound of The Curtain of White Silence musical fairy tale, billowing with a whirlwind of drive and then uniting pure and growling vocals in a duet. The Unseen composition envelops the pulsating rhythm of the leitmotif with covers of obscurity and mystery, then pushing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical procession.
Drumming and echoes of oriental motifs are woven together with the vocal reflections of The Vastness of Infinity epic saga, continuing this musical atmosphere in the rhythmic restrained drive of the To Disappear in You musical fairy tale, again and again transforming and diversifying the vocal part, transferring the atmosphere of medieval legends and fairy tales to modern musical spaces in the sound of An Invisible Beginning composition. The intriguing mystery of the Shroud of Night final musical artwork concludes the album with a vocals confession shrouded in the saddened gloom of the funerary shroud.