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Rising eyes to the sky

June 25, 2023
Pride Of Lions - Dream Higher

Inspired, bright and encouragingly, the Blind To Reason song begins the creative path of the Pride Of Lions - Dream Higher album, combining vocals inspiration and melodic musical support, then, in order to further extol this combination in a similar, but different unity of the Dream Higher title track, fully embodying its name and enchanting melody of the sound of the My Destiny ballad, in which keyboard variations bring enchanting notes to the sound, combining together a musical fairy tale and an enchanting symphony.
Entering melodically and charmingly, the Find Somebody To Love composition combines vocal impatience, complementing the main vocals with the support of musical comrades-in-arms, and raises the flags of readiness for the fight, then continuing it in the sound of the Another Life enchanting ballad and the rebellious ascension of the Renegade Heart composition, combining notes of a battle march and an inspired ascension of vocals inspiration.
Brightly and inspiringly beginning with ballad melody, the Driving and Dreaming composition then somewhat accelerates the tempo, but retains inspiration and brightness, complementing the main vocals with shades of musical associates, then introducing notes of mystery with the sound of the Through It All song, embodying a musical mystery in music and vocals, revealing secrets and raising banners of achievement in the sound of the Everything To Live For enchanting ballad and the inspired and fascinating end of the album with the Generational composition.