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Riddles sometimes become even more mysterious

June 25, 2022
Force Of Progress, 2020 -  A Secret Place

After a whirlwind of drive in the entry, The Hand Sculpted Hear composition then proceeds with a majestic unhurried march with the embodiment of oriental motifs in mesmerizing musical variations, opening the music book of the Force Of Progress - A Secret Place album with artistic musical transformations, then again soaring with a bright flight of musical drive with an exciting guitar solo, progressively varying the sound.
Enveloping in a veil of twilight mystery in the introduction, The Perfect Element then weaves a captivating sparkling canvas of an epic musical fairy tale. The New Reality harsh battle march rolls waves of musical tenacity, clearly and clearly demonstrating harsh intransigence. But then the sound of the musical story changes, alternating and combining bright and melodic guitar and keyboard solos on the foreground of the musical image.
Cosmic currents and echoes of distant wanderings to other stars are embodied in the sound of the Circus Maximus instrumental composition, combining echoes of distant festivities in the background with the romantic charm of musical passages. The title track A Secret Place begins with a dialogue between a child and his father, then ascending into the sky with a bright and bewitching musical fairy tale.
Embodying echoes of minstrel ballads, The Three Steps to the Precipice musical story brings to the album the atmosphere of medieval legends and fairy tales, progressively varying their influence on its musical sound. The Aggressor track closes the album with the swiftness of an adventurous chase, in which notes of wild west motifs and romantic memories of past adventures appears.