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Revulsion will find next proper target

February 12, 2021
Revulsion (FIN) - Revulsion

The Last Echoes of Life music and vocals are intertwined in a whirlwind of impetuous drive and unrestrained anger, somewhat restraining musical impetuosity with deep growling reflections. Beginning with the epic saga, with the introduction of vocals, the Pyre accelerates somewhat, but retains the spicy shades of oriental folklore, continuing the Revulsion (FIN) - Revulsion album with the influences of hot shades of desert storms. The Walls continues to some extent the stylistic atmosphere of the previous composition, accentuating the musical essence with rhythmic notes of guitar riffs.
Changing the lyric component to their native language, the band continues the musical procession with a mid-tempo march of the Mustaa Hiilta? solemn anthem, enchanting with the musical significance and confidence of the vocal narration. Whipping up waves of guitar drive, the Lihaan Sidottu Kirja sets the mood for melodic variations of the main motive, crowning them with the confidence of vocal severity.
The Wastelands returns to English lyrics, whipping up a harsh procession of a mid-tempo battle march, twisting rhythmic pulsations with whirlwinds of guitar riffs, sharply accelerating and thickening the sound with the introduction of vocals, maintaining the atmosphere of a battle march in the instrumental bridges. The Unravel continues the musical narration of the album with echoes of ancient legends and notes of forgotten chronicles. Continuing the gloomy mood of the previous compositions, the Silence condenses the musical essence, accelerating the tempo in anticipation of the vocals' introduction, but again returning to the gloomy procession of the mid-tempo march. Whipping up the harsh atmosphere with the intro, the Pawns picks up the tempo before the vocals intrude, then repeats a similar alternation with the vocals.
In the epic narrative of the last composition of the album Viimeinen Rituaali, the band returns to their native lyrics again.