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Revival from the dark side

September 26, 2022
Omophagia - Rebirth in Black

The musical mystery of the Intro track shows the way for the further journey of the Omophagia - Rebirth in Black album, billowing with a symphonic whirlwind in the frantic pursuit of the drive of The Consequences of Guilt composition, complemented by vocals charisma in the unity of symphony and drive.
The chime of the bell, the musical intrigue is developed by the interweaving of twilight lace in anticipation of the entry of the vocals of the Redemption in Self-Destruction composition, captivating in a frantic journey in anticipation of the title track of the Rebirth in Black album, fascinating with the epic mystery of the twilight tale. Rebirth in Black composition rises with a sparkling whirlwind of artistic musical essence, eclipsing musical lace from the unity of music and vocals.
Severe pressure and a twilight symphony envelop the vocals narrative of the Thoughts of the Earth song, then rushing to the foreground, after which the enchanting symphony of the introduction of the Thoughts of the Earth composition is completed with the unrestrained anger of musical drive with the progressive realization of musical diversity. The Insights of a Dying Man musical intrigue weaves the musical lace of a mysterious fairy tale.
The unity of the symphony and the drive in the sound of the Insights of a Dying Man composition inspire and fascinate, soaring in the unrestrained swiftness of the unity of the music and vocals of the Time Tells song and the symphonic grandeur of the I Live for Your Death composition, which completes the album with a solemn anthem.