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Revival and rebirth are chanting in fairy tales

October 17, 2021
RavenBlood - Resurgent

The fierce and uncompromising sound of the Phoenix song complements the violent pressure of a frantic drive, then inferior to the vortices of stripe melodism and vocal emotions. The title composition continues the sound of the RavenBlood - Resurgent album, a slightly lighten musical pace in a solemn procession under the motifs of a majestic anthem.
Fasciating into an exciting framework along the path of the main motive, the Silence And Death composition speeds up the pace, but again and again varies it in a musical sound. The Traces Of A Murder song gives the atmosphere of a militant perseverance, whimping the vortex of guitar riffs.
The keyboards solo of the Crow's Call intro sets the direction of the development of musical essence, long and thoroughly preparing for the accession of vocals. The Valley Of Oblivion composition is disassemble and asserting the musical variations of their sound.
After the acoustic joining the In The Depths Of The Lost Abyss song captures with the bright stream of the musical vortex. Approaching the ballad, the Love Or Truth composition combines medium-tempo musical sound with vocal inspiration. The Unreality song sounds as the final chord of the musical story of the album.