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Revenge of defiant rebel

January 04, 2023
League Of Distortion - League of Distortion

The howl of wolves, intrigue, then music and vocals rush in the unity of the answer to such an important question, setting options in the title of the Wolf or Lamb composition, accentuating them in the chorus again and again. The My Revenge song continues the League Of Distortion - League of Distortion self-titled album with an exciting, exciting and catchy hit. The vocals narrative of the It Hurts so Good composition combines an intriguing mystery in the twilight haze of the verse and a bright ascension in the inspired whirlwind of the chorus.
Bringing industrial notes to the sound and enveloping with swagger of doubts in the verses, the L.O.D. musical story crowns its sound with the vocals inspiration of the chorus, then the sparkles of musical passages are woven in a spicy oriental atmosphere around the I'm a Bitch vocals phrases, emphasizing rebelliousness and defiance in the threshold of the fascinating and peculiar romanticism of the Rebel by Choice inspired, decisive and meaningful ballad.
The futuristic sparkles and mystical mystique of the musical variations are combined with the sensual charm of the singing lady's chants, taking this unity to a new level in the Solitary Confinement chorus, continuing with the symphonic grandeur and musical charm of the Sin ballad, with the spiritual atmosphere created by the keyboard passages. But the confession did not reveal all the sinfulness that will rise from the shadows of twilight by the unity of the playfulness of the verse and the artistic hit chorus of The Bitter End song ... anticipating all the accents of the meaning of the lyrics of the album of the Do You Really Think I Fuckin' Care composition, combining the gloomy charm of romantic melody and rebellious philosophy of vocals lyrics.