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Revelation of all that was lost

February 18, 2021
The Amenta - Revelator

The gloomy procession of musical mystery ends with an explosion of frantic drive, crowned with harsh vocal phrases. But then the sound of An Epoch Ellipsis composition is pacified by dreamy tunes of clean vocals, alternating with explosions of drive. Rolling in waves of a harsh mid-tempo march, the Sere Money song continues the musical narration of the The Amenta -Revelator album with a persistent march of musical unity with vocal severity.
The Silent Twin begins with a soft chime of muted romance, followed by a vague whisper of vocals, retaining the intriguing mystery of the musical image. But the Psoriastasis track immediately develops the motifs inherent in the previous komosiv in the lace of black charms of the mystical dark anthem. The Twined Towers saga returns to the mysterious mystery, combining the ghostly procession of the mid-tempo anthem with the background echoes of invisible ghosts, then receding before the significance of the vocal narrative. Driving rhythmic piles of the path of the musical procession, the Parasight Lost rolls a canvas of musical variations on them, supplementing it with spicy motives of the vocal part, bringing in echoes of oriental motives embodied in the further development of musical composition.
The symphonic sacrament of the muted mystery of the Wonderlost instrumental track is the introduction to the Overpast composition, in which the twilight solemnity is combined with vocal inspiration, weaving the artistic lace of a futuristic fairy tale. Distorting the vocal monologue in the introduction, the Parse Over completes the embodiment of the album's industrial musical motives, combined with the angry severity of growling and emotional variations of vocal phrases.