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Revealing the world from scratch

January 29, 2022
Veltpunch - White Album

The singing lady's vocal chants come to the forefront of the Sports musical image, interspersed with sparkling musical passages of guitar and keyboard solos and nervous calls of the male vocals. Male vocals come to the Cyndi... Come Back dominant position in combination with the chiming of guitar strings, creating some image of a free spirit and expanding the stylistic scope of the Veltpunch - White Album album.
Cheerful and joyful guitar chime combines in a single musical stream, uniting male and female vocals in the sound of the It's not because of the unfriendly rain song. The charm of the Teenage Dirty Punks romantic ballad draws you into the expanse of dreamy seduction, elevating the mind and the senses over ordinary experiences. Keeping the romantic atmosphere, the My Place composition gives more significance to the revelry with its festive and sparkling musical passages and the charm of the enchanting female vocals.
Energetically, brightly and sparklingly the Happy Song Ii song leads up to the Fragile final track of the album, in which the music seems to crumble, break and crunch to the full extent of its title in the intro, then brightly and sparklingly alternating female and male vocals in the sound.