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Revealing the true essence of things

May 08, 2023
Rutabaga - Экзистенция

Carefully and persistently, the introduction of the Часть меня composition drives the direction of the development of the Rutabaga - Экзистенция concept album, which continues with the bitterness and despair embodied in the sound of the Манифест мизантропа musical story. The sound of the Одержимость song creates a combination of illogical reflections and inexplicable inspiration, hopeful mood and unconscious joy.
Rapid drive and rebellious pressure embodies the arrow to live now, achieve aspirations, inspired by listening to the Живи сейчас composition. But then some elements that are changeable in perception are indicated by the Проданное бытие sermon and the assertive sound of the stiff vocals of the Стеклянная клетка dark musical fairy tale.
The melodic charm of the guitar riffs is combined with a gloomy vocal pressure, complementing this combination in the Фальшивый человек composition with twilight symphonic shades that develop their influence in the introduction of the Инстинкт раба song, intertwining with phrases of vocal despair in a single musical flow, receding before the vocal pressure of the Десятая планета musical dissolution, combining screaming, growling and clean vocals in an artistic alternation, anticipating the end of the Экзистенция album with the title track.