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Revealing the gates of other reality

October 19, 2021
Words Of Farewell - Inner Universe Two (EP)

Bright guitar solo introduction indicates the direction of development of the main motive of The Midnight Star song, which starts the musical narration of the Words Of Farewell - Inner Universe Two (EP) release of the fascinating unity of musical variations and the vocal part created from the combination and combination of clean vocals and growling.
In the intro of the Born of Sleep composition, the shades of futuristic musical sound are manifested, expanding the stylistic framework of the album. The sounds of the music passages of the verse in the variations of the mid-tempo sound and some acceleration of the music tempo complements the harsh growling, the Vocal Party of the Porous combines growling with clean vocals in a single musical narrative.
After the keyboard symphony, which creates the basis for the main motive of the This Long Goodbye song, combines music and vocals in an exciting medium-tempo dance, combining severity and rage with melodic charm in a single musical stream. The Forgotten Hope completes the album with melodic tunes of romantic ballad with fragments of a discreet drive, complemented by some vocal fierce.