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September 29, 2016
Opeth - Sorceress

Opeth - Sorceress is brewing mysterious potion, conjuring over it with mysterious spells and performing strange rituals with it!
Notes of Persephone bring lyrical melancholy, enveloping world with gloomy veil. And at the end of the instrumental intro female voice broadcasts a few phrases.
Title track Sorceress develops brooding melancholy, clear rhythm permeating its stretched melody, dating back to the bass frequencies. The rhythmic beats attract attention, enveloping sense of all-encompassing magic. The composition completes with discursive furious beats.
Mysterious ornate patterned guitar riff permeates the entire length of The Wilde Flowers as a leitmotif. In the middle of the before the instrumental part can be heard sublime muted whisper phrase, then instrument shows their soloist improvisations - and the chorus finishes this improvisation holiday.
Acoustic guitar of the Will O The Wisp takes us in the times of minstrels and bards traveling on roads and towns. Wind Instruments sublimely complement the romantic song, facetes guitar daydreaming.
After the romantic dreams music is saturated with power and aggression. Guitar provide strong support for the main motif of the Chrysalis, which flies on the wings of keyboards. Composition ends as dreamy lyrical ballad - romanticism totals rage and wrath.
Continuation of the title track Sorceress 2 combines guitar fingering with exalted keyboards passages and whispered vocal phrases. Quiet quiet romantic confession ends.
Folk motifs complement the sound of tambourines, The Seventh Sojourn mainly instrumental, vocal chants only a few sentences at the very end - strangled whisper supported by the notes keyboards.
Strange Brew starts as quiet meditative calm ballad, with keyboard music chimes and whispering vocals. Then the electric is preparing to further instrumental sound, swirling in vortex of keyboard improvisation and carries away with florid guitar riffs. But the quiet balanced whisper interrupts instrumental rage, suffering in the realm of quiet tranquility to end the track as tough dense ballad.
A Fleeting Glance starts like an ancient minstrel ballad, then keyboards supports vocals monologue. Next all other instruments connects to the overall picture of the nervous romantic ballad.
Intro is a quiet romantic piano passage, then Era instruments destroys the shackles and break into unrestrained dance, smashing obstacles around them and indulging in mysterious jerks. But despite the uneven rhythm and irresistible desire for freedom song continues to play lyrical and dreamy, crowned with lofty keyboards motives.
Lady Persephone (Slight Return) that has revealed this artwork also completes it with a few words.