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Return to the expanses of the northern fairy tales

July 03, 2021
Havamal (SWE) - The Shadow Chapter

The North Awakens begins the Havamal (SWE) - The Shadow Chapter album's intriguing mystery with background phrases from an unseen storyteller. But then the sound of the Fenris composition brings echoes of oriental folklore motives, combined in an impressive melody with the overflow of musical drive. In the introduction, the chorales set the direction for the development of the symphonic musical path, but then the introduction of the growling vocals calls for the addition of the musical essence with waves of furious drive, maintaining the atmosphere of the epic saga inherent in further musical variations.
After thinking about the introduction, the Nidhoggr song captivates with an unrestrained whirlwind of musical variations with the influence of bthe northern sagas. The Kraken captivates by the storyteller's vocals narration, complemented by the charm of musical melody into the world of incredible fairy tales and legends. The gripping epic wraps around the vocal chronicle with bright sparkling majestic musical proclamations, creating, together with vocals, the majestic atmosphere of the Empire of the Ashen Sun epic anthem.
Fiercely heralding a whirlwind of violent musical drive, the Nornir's Call track somewhat pacifies the musical impetuosity with vocals appeals, combining music and vocals in a single musical stream. Having indicated in the introduction the direction of the march of the leitmotif, the Jormungandr leads us along the sparkling path of northern fairy tales. After the introduction, the vocal part of the Hel composition comes to the forefront of the sound, crowned with the covers of a keyboard symphony. The Curse of Grendel concludes the concept album with an epic saga with symphonic influences and folk echoes.