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Retribution for the damned blood

September 20, 2022
Dirt (FIN), 2022 -  Deadbeat

The unhurried twilight mystery of the Sweet Retribution musical story is complemented by emotional vocal transformations and charming artistic whirlwinds of the instrumental guitar solo. Whirling in a sparkling whirlwind of a guitar solo, the main motive of the Real World composition is combined with the mystery of muffled vocals reflections, ascending in the approach of the chorus with echoes of the motive of the Tibetan monks, raising the inspired banners of the Dirt (FIN) - Deadbeat album with the mystery of forgotten fairy tales.
The bright guitar solo of the intro draws you in to listen to the melodic atmosphere of the musical charm of the Circles ballad, complemented by the charm of the inspired vocal sound, raising the banners of its own importance in the chorus and appealing to the harshness and hardening of the sound. However, the musical passages of the God Has Cut You Down composition respond to these appeals with artistic mystery and expansion of the musical stylistic horizons of this album.
The romantic thoughtfulness of the sound of the Eyes Wide Shut ballad inspires with vocal charm and sensuality, then confidently, stubbornly and rhythmically driving in the Counting Bodies musical march of the mysterious musical narrative, enveloping the twilight haze of the verse and returning to the stubborn procession in the chorus.
Starting with melodic reflections with echoes of country style, the Blood of the Damned song then envelops with the veils of mysterious musical omens, while remaining faithful to the path of the main motive. The twilight march of the Deadbeat album's title track marches in a rhythmic mid-tempo procession, led by charismatic vocal appeals, anticipating the enchanting wistfulness of the True Blue (Only You) acoustic ballad, which closes the album with the charm of a romantic atmosphere.