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Retaliation for the poison chalice

June 22, 2023
Legion Of The Damned - The Poison Chalice

Like a minstrel suite, the introduction brings a touch of enchanting romanticism... However, after the drum roll, the vocals and music of the Saints in Torment song soar in a whirlwind of unrestrained drive, starting the musical flight of the Legion Of The Damned - The Poison Chalice album with a bright whirlwind of musical drive, followed by the rhythmic roll of the Contamination composition, entwined with clouded veils of musical mystery, but again and again accentuating rhythmic despair, receding before the bright guitar solo of the Progressive Destructor introduction, calling the warriors to be ready for the next campaign in search of valor and honor, again and again emphasizing the militancy of the squad protruding.
The guitar solo soars in an impatient whirlwind, anticipating the development of the musical procession of the Skulls Adorn the Traitor's Gate battle march, sharply and rapidly accelerating the sound with the introduction of vocals, but again returning to the rhythmic tread and similar transformations of rhythmics, but confidently, powerfully and persistently driving in the tread of the sound of the Behold the Beyond vocal speech, dragging into these spaces in order to achieve the deadly dance of the Retaliation violent musical thriller. But then the vocals march in a battle march, preceding a confident and assertive chorus, wrapped in a bright guitar solo, then again and again varying the tempo and style of sound.
Music and vocals are intertwined in the Savage Intent unified musical stream, enthralling the listener to join in and become part of an exciting dance. The vocals announce and call for readiness for the rolling waves of the sound of the Chimes of Flagellation composition, crowned with vocals phrases. The guitar solo of the intro rolls out the musical canvas of the Beheading of the Godhead main motif, along which the vocals narration then rhythmically marches, foreshadowing the twilight charm of the title track of The Poison Chalice album, which concludes it with the embodiment of all its features and shades of musical transformations.