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Resisting the coming indifference

December 13, 2021
Defiant (Ukr) - Fool's Paradise

The Rage composition brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, introducing elements of musical charm in instrumental bridges together with rapid whirls of musical drive.
A whirlwind of bright guitar solos in the intro creates an intriguing path for the development of the Cold Ravine main motif, topped by a symphonic keyboard charm, complemented then by significant vocal reflections, beginning with a dusky mid-tempo vocal narrative, then accelerating time after time and constantly varying tempo. The title track continues the Defiant (Ukr) - Fool's Paradise album with the insistent and stern rolls of a rhythmic battle march.
Rising in a whirlwind of unrestrained drive in the introduction, the Heaven song then transforms into a restrained procession of solemn march, avoiding the line between these contrasts in the verse and returning to a mid-tempo procession in the instrumental bridges and choruses. The self-titled track Defiant soars with an unrestrained whirlwind of drive, but then the vocals curb the musical swiftness, focusing on variations in musical tempo.
In addition to the romantic musical passages, the sound of the Savior ballad shows progressive musical artistry and the main male vocals are at times complemented by the tunes of the singing lady. The Your World composition continues the ballad-like romanticism of the sound.
Building the musical structure, the Agony song is based on oriental motifs, enveloping the listener in mid-tempo swirls of direct echoes of hot tunes, accelerating the tempo in the sound of the chorus. The The Misty Mountains composition completes the album with the tunes of bardic saga, sometimes accelerating with the whirlwind of epic medium-sounding, supplementing in the instrumental fragment the sounding with the elements of the motives of "In the hall of the mountain king" by composer Edvard Grieg.