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Researching the ways of deadly spirits

July 06, 2023
Vulcan Tyrant - Vulcanocide

Distant echoes of nature create the atmosphere of the Introcide, ending with a viscous and painful instrumental cry, which mercilessly and unrestrainedly breaks A Dirty War Is Waged deadly dance, continuing the Vulcan Tyrant - Vulcanocide album with the unity of whirlwinds of musical drive and rebellious vocal indignation, complementing this unity with echoes of mystical legends and forgotten fairy tales, embodied in the sound of the Demonize The Spirit composition and dragging away into the expanses of unconscious dreams and imaginary spirits.
The whirlwind of the guitar solo of the intro weaves the musical canvas of the main motif, which then rolls out for the procession of the vocal part of the Eating Your Mind song, combining a fierce metal drive and echoes of minstrel and bard sagas, developing this style in honoring the valor and heroic deeds of legendary heroes in the musical story of the Medal Of Honor composition and the Pagan Ways epic tale, indicating its name and giving the album shades of Slavic folklore.
After a brief introduction, the guitar riffs with shattered dancing passages mark the way for vocals doubts that are trying to concentrate, but the vocals of the Remember What The Evil One Said composition is so unclear, interrupted by a bright guitar solo before the final statements. The Work Of The Devil march rhythmically, persistently and confidently drives its step into the chosen path, combining music and vocals in a single procession. Intriguing, preparing for acceleration and ascension, the Your Eyes And Ears Will Bleed song then elevates the vocal part to the top of its musical image, concluding album with the Outrocide as mysterious as the introduction.