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Remembering origin and sources

September 08, 2021
Irfan - Roots

The Mominstvo charming tunes of a singing lady, lining the spicy atmosphere of oriental motives fascinate with tenderness and inspiration, starting the musical narration of the Irfan - Roots album with thoughtfulness and mysteriousness of the vocal monologue.
Keeping musical motifs of the previous composition, the More, Ta Nali song develops them with rhythm coating on tamburines and handles of a variety of musical instruments.
The sound of the Rusa composition emphasizes the rhythmic rhythm of percussion and the charming tunes of wind instruments, complemented by the background artistry of keyboard atmosphere, creating a joint background for a singing lady.
The vocal party is put forward on the front of the sound of the Dyulber Yana song, combining with a mild chime of acoustic strings and the symphonic atmosphere of the implementation of oriental motives.
Chants of the female vocal with the chime of acoustic strings are intertwined in the mystical charm of the Emeriga fascinating dance, crowned with wind instruments. The soft chime of musical motives augmented by the background heartbeat, the emotional charm of the female vocal, supplementing the Lyube Lecomposition of the atmosphere of all album.