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Relics that have been kept in tombs

May 01, 2022
Druid Lord - Relics Of The Dead

The impetuous whirlwind of the energetic intro leads to the twilight burden of the viscous procession of the vocal narrative of the title track of the Druid Lord - Relics Of The Dead album, weaving the gloomy lace of its atmosphere into unity with the corresponding musical accompaniment, preceding the famous and solemn procession of the Thirteen Days of Death symphony.
The stubborn, uncompromising and assertive procession of the Mangled as the Hideous Feed march elevates the vocal phrases to the crests of musical oxen, rolling in a rhythmic pulsation adorned with mesmerizing guitar solos of instrumental bridges. The witch's tale ends with the soft charm of the Nightside Conjuring instrumental guitar solo.
After the furious pressure of the driving introduction, the vocal part moves to the forefront of the Immolated Into Ashes musical image, retreating before the pressure of the guitar solo in anticipation of the chorus that unites music and vocals in a single musical flow, continuing the dominance of the vocal part in the sound of the Festering Tombs composition, marching in a confident procession of a slow and meaningful march.
Setting the direction of the development of the musical essence in the introduction, the Monarch Macabre song then rolls out the twilight musical canvas of a gloomy fairy tale along the path of the vocal narrative procession, completing the musical story of the album with a solemn instrumental suite.