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Reflections take you into the vastness of dreams

January 15, 2023
Desource - Ambition (EP)

The rehashed fingering guitars passages carefully and painstakingly weaves a lace of musical background for the enchanting guitar solo of the introduction, but the vocals of the Disaster composition explode with fierce anger and anger, but then bring shades of reverie and reflection to the sound, decomposing the musical essence of the Desource - Ambition (EP) release into two contrasting components. But then the music and vocals introduce even more exciting and distinctive musical components, progressively weaving from them an artistic musical lace, preceding the furious bitterness and unrestrained drive and fury of the intro of the Diary song, culminating in a confident and persistent march in the twilight musical veils.
Exploding with the unrestrained fury of an unstoppable musical thriller in the intro, the Fragile composition then introduces notes of directions with a vocal narrative, a rhythmic march, calling for further reflection. But the music and vocals at first return to unrestrained drive but after a reassuring guitar solo, the vocals raise banners of hope for the changes to come, preceding the artisatic minds of the guitar solo and the final part of the composition.
Waves of furious drive and vocals ferocity bring shades of discor to the album's musical palette, but then the vocals tries to break through this dark bitterness with emotional pleas, but the Sheepdogs music rebels against it and the vocals gradually harden in their intensity. And all this happens in a mesmerizing progressive manner, preparing the listener for the mesmerizing complexity and charm of the sound of the (S)Innocence final instrumental track.