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Reflections leads to unexpected discoveries

February 16, 2021
Basilica - Basilica

Starting with a whirlwind of impetuous drive with the introduction of vocals, it continues the Grinding Teeth musical composition with a viscous and painful drive, rolling in waves of twilight darkness, sometimes hardening in a dense and harsh march. Twisting the whirlwinds of guitar solos around the axis of the rhythmic procession the next track continues the musical narration of the Basilica - Basilica album, introducing artistic elements of progressive fracture into the rhythmic essence of the Exit Wound song. The instrumental composition Covenant brings notes of bewitching mystery.
The Dispel vocals immediately come to the fore of the musical image, complemented by the mid-tempo pulsations of the battle march. Driving with musical explosions the direction of the procession of rhythmic drive the Starve crowns with vocal phrases the inspired procession of the stern anthem. But the soaring guitar solo calls for an acceleration of tempo in rhythmic pulsations, sometimes returning to mid-tempo narration. The brooding instrumental ballad Womb complements the guitar reflections with the veil of keyboard artistry. Twisting a mesmerizing round of guitar solo into the intro, the Everything then combines vocal severity with a captivating hit musical tune.
The Chimeric song is marching sternly and meaningfully with a mid-tempo pace. But the vocals' intro foreshadows the acceleration of the tempo, continuing with a frantic rebellion of the Myling composition, beginning with a soft guitar chord, then surging into a whirlwind of frantic musical thriller, complemented by emotional vocal experiences. The Sacrifice Of Form ends the album with the frenzy of a harsh battle march.