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Redemption is different for various sins

April 04, 2021
Reality Grey - Define Redemption

The guitar solo entry fascinates fairy tales into the charming atmosphere, but then the Ascension Lapse song's music and vocals are hardened in a furious stream of a frantic drive, slowing down in the harsh march of bridges and the majestic chorus anthem. The Deadlock intro hardens in the fierce pulsation of the battle march, but after the vortex of the guitar solo flies by the unrestrained dragon of musical rage, sometimes completing the beginning of the Reality Grey - Define Redemption album with charm of melodic guitar solo.
Music and vocals are woven in the dance of a playful mysteriousness, varying the tempo and stylistics of the sound of the Rot Of Nation composition, complementing it with alternating screaming and growling in the vocal party. Blowing the whirlwind of a fierce musical thriller in the verses, the I Despise attracts a banner of a solemn symphony in the chorus. blowing up by vocal frenzy in continuation of the Equilibrium musical fairy tale with a transformation into a musical thriller with vocal alternation.
Enchanting with a guitar solo of the intro, the Departed Designs envelops with the atmosphere of a mysterious fairy tale, complementing the vocal variations with changes in rhythm and tempo. The Burn The Sky composition immediately attacks the listener by storming a frenzied musical thriller. Slowing down the pace, the Hypocrisy Breeds Hatred at first walks in the twilight atmosphere of the harsh march of the dark anthem, but then again returns to high-speed drive. But this alternation is repeated again. The Define Redemption song concludes the album with a combination of fast-paced drive and relief of the musical style, complemented by dreamy tunes of clean vocals.