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Recognizing the destined path

January 01, 2023
Elder - Innate Passage

Intriguingly unhurried by the thoroughness of the development of musical variations, the Catastasis composition is carefully prepared for the introduction of vocals, bringing notes of oriental motifs to the musical shades and marching along the further musical path of the Elder - Innate Passage album with a significant and majestic procession of a solemn march, crowned with musical grandeur and charms of a pensive anthem and an atmosphere of musical artistry.
Continuing the unity of the musical atmosphere and vocal reflections, the Endless Return song gives them a more rhythmic structure of musical pulsations, complementing musical passages with shades of emotional color of vocal phrases, giving the main and dominant importance in the compositional structure to the sound of musical passages and their creative ascension.
The guitar solo of the introduction creates an atmosphere of echoes of mystical legends and enchanting fairy tales, then becoming the leitmotif of the Coalescence composition, around which the further development of musical variations hovers and the path along which the inspired story of the vocals storyteller marches.
A haze of musical mystery awaits the entry of vocals, which is brought to the forefront of the Merged In Dreams - Ne Plus Ultra musical image, but then progressive whirlwinds of musical variations return to the top of the musical flow. It is especially worth highlighting the sparkling melody of the guitar solo, captivating in wanderings through the expanses of imagination and dreamy adventures in progressive musical artistry. The ending with enchanting reverie anticipates the musical motifs of The Purpose final composition of the album, weaving a mesmerizing lace of atmoferous and pensive musical fairy tale.