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Reburial of the wrongly buried

August 12, 2020
Evertrapped - Reburied Under The Deep

Starting with the [...] mysterious intro, the Evertrapped - Reburied Under The Deep album, rethinking and re-publishing an earlier band's artwork, continues with the Arise From The Ashes furious musical thriller that varies in vocals of screaming and growling in combination with a variety of musical transformations.
Based on the title, the Underneath The Deep composition complements the musical imagery with epic mysticism and brooding symphonism using progressive variations in rhythmic structure. Alternating between screaming and growling vocal phrases and changing tempo, the Palace Of Injustice envelopes this unity in the veils of an epic saga.
Exploding into a whirlwind of musical fury, the Hypnotized By Hatred carries away in the musical stream of a frenzied musical thriller. Carrying away with the symphony of the introduction, the Blood Of The Fallen then walks along the edge of a mid-tempo march, sometimes flying away in a frantic race of musical drive. The Lethal District continues a similar musical style, building the structure of the composition based on the alternation of screaming and growling, enchanting melodic choruses and instrumental bridges.
The progressive musical passages of the Burning Through Vengeance intro are then continued with a mix of battle march and fast-paced fragments of drive. Capturing the epic mystery of the main motive, the Reaper crowns musical variations with emotional shades of vocal phrases. The Embrace The End concludes the album with a mesmerizing mix of musical styles and genres.