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Reborn in fire is cleansing from past failures

April 21, 2018
Reborn in fire is cleansing from past failures

Mysterious Prologue fog begins the Convent(USA) - Rebuilt Through Fire [EP] album with an obscure haze of future accomplishments, epic rolling down the introduction of the next composition Frozen Kings, immediately crushing the shackles in a bright stream of powerful drive, driving the motif of the verse. In the choruses, on the contrary, the vocal enveloped in melodic melodies broadcasts ancient tales, returning to these epic chronicles and a charming melody in the middle of the composition and in the final segment.
The title track Rebuilt Through Fire continues similar tendencies, carried away in a violent couplet drive, then twisted in fairy tales and bright melodic chorus solutions. It should be noted spectacular bright guitar solo in the instrumental part, bringing an additional fabulous atmosphere to the album.
Spirits of ancient legends immediately capture the control of In Dusk We Reign music, piercing the genre of desolate winds and spicy memories of ancient magic, in the chorus and instrumental part these magical motifs come to the forefront, fascinating the mind with their greatness.
So hard, dense march rolls an irresistible shaft of musical triumph into the Afflicted Seas intro, ending with a bright wave of impetuous drive, summing up the next tight march with phrases of the warriors and a bright melodic saga in the chorus.
The album achieves the most magnificent composition From Tribulation To Eternity in its melodic delights - partly showing the main motive for the introduction, then in the verse it is carried away in the impetuous pursuit of illusory hopes for domination over eternity. But the melody of the main motive envelops the chorus phrases with majestic solemnity-pointing out that thoughts of such achievements and valorous deeds are already exalting, appealing to the triumph of melodism and exciting fairy-tale motifs.