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Real knowledge of true love

January 12, 2022
Cold Engines - Day Drinker

The guitar solo captivates with its melodic sound, then works in conjunction with the vocal part to create and build the structure of the Kismet main motif. The I Know That Love Is Real composition continues the musical narrative of the Cold Engines - Day Drinker album with a sparkling and also mid-tempo progression, getting closer to a romantic ballad with the introduction of the vocals. Slightly speeding up the tmp with soft guitar reflections, the Candy song gives the sound a progressive variation of playfulness and notes of multifaceted fun.
The pensive and soothing Marry The Season ballad continues with the softness and sensuality of its vocal inspiration supported by musical tenderness. Continuing the romantic melodicism, the Your Turn composition complements it with bluesy notes, but wraps up the vocal reflections with artistic keyboard passages. Softly, wistfully, and unhurriedly, the musical passages prepare for the charm of the soft-sounding vocal part of the When She Comes song.
Epic echoes of folk motifs combine with the sound of freedom-loving rock'n'roll in the sound of the Alibi composition, then striving for a mysterious Leave But Stay musical progression and vocal mystery.
Swirling with a whirlwind of solemnity and significance, the Never Was track enchants with the melodic tenderness of the vocal narrative, anticipating the acoustic romanticism of the Do Me Wrong album's final musical artwork.