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February 18, 2022
Saphir (USA), 2021 -  Redneck Jewish (EP)

The Devils in Dynamite composition begins the musical narrative of the Saphir (USA) - Redneck Jewish (EP) release with an unstoppable pressure of musical twilight, the powerful and insistent waves of which are crowned by furious outbursts and explosions of vocal anger, in a harsh recitative demanding respect for their rights and ensuring the dignified treatment of those around them.
Then the mysteriousness of the vocal narratives gives a kind of mystery to the sound of the Dungeons and Dragons song, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of sound and compositional foreshadowing with the preservation of vocals fury.
Transforming the musical sound, the S.T.F.U.B. track envelops the alternation of romantic vocal chants and fierce proclamations with a twilight cover of gothic atmosphere.
Starting with waves of rebellious rage, the Gun, Run, Gun! song ends this album with mysterious doubts and reflections with light shades of romantic experiences.