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Rampantly celebrating the day of the enemy

August 12, 2023
The Killing - Dia Del Enemigo

The vocals start the musical passage of the The Killing - Dia Del Enemigo album with angry appeals, after a brief pause and guitar passages, combining vocal screams and growls in a single stream of the Mierda En Tu Cabeza song with musical pressure, further hardening and compacting the sound of music and vocals in the furious rumble of unrestrained Sadica Corporacion musical thriller.
After an intriguing intro, the vocal part confidently and brazenly moves forward in a furious impudence to the forefront of the musical image of the BSX ASX... En Llamas track, anticipating the harsh and meaningful sound of the musical rebellion of the Dia Del Enemigo title track of this album.
The vocals immediately take over the musical reins of the Maldito Perdedor song, taking the musical passages to support in a headlong chase, continuing the similar sound after the short introduction guitar solo unrolls the musical canvas of the Conflicto 3AM main motive, which is chased by a fast-moving vocal part, alternating screaming and growling vocals in sound.
The guitar passages intertwine in the enchanting lace of the Impaled State composition, which is crowned again and again by emotional vocals phrases, rising in the furious vocal impatience and rebelliousness of the Golpe Tras Golpe song, anticipating the end of the album in a rethinking and tribute to the In The Flesh (Pink Floyd Cover) composition of the legendary band.