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Raging Bear - run, hide, escape from it! If you can

May 23, 2017
Noumena - Myrrys

Return forgotten motives, bringing fresh blood to the flickering memories in the veins - everyone will hear in Noumena - Myrrys personal own, in their own way and for themselves, personal!
Gently, sensually and discreetly female vocals and keyboards have combined in Kohtu, starting the entire legend.
Power, energy and drive have embodied in Metsan viha, aggressively and confidently lifting up the banner of the main motif over the mortal enemies and defeated adversaries.
Soundfully and insistently the growling vocals envelops us with northern fairy tales Kirouksen kantaja, drawing into the depths of ancient tales. No, the main role and comprehensive dominance of the growling confuses the instrumental motives, they do not wait - they only come to the fore. But the vocals again and again strive to subordinate their influence of the composition, then the male, then the singing lady - as for me, thats great! Make your own decision as well!
Quickly, swiftly, vigorously Sanat pimeydesta embodies the aspirations of the movement and sharp delights.
Gentle, tender and calm northern ballad comes to the fore in the Sanansaattaja, bringing ladies vocals to the fore in start, complementind it with the deep main growling. Argh! I've listen to this song again and again! It's great as for me!
Once again, folkloric motifs bring their melodies back to the main motive of Roihu, but the drive and energy giving them proper place the thrashing hammering to the foreground.
Murhehuone continues to keep in the expanses of northern fairy tales and legends, combining so amazing and fascinating melody with the advice of singing lady and deep, powerful and bewitching growling male vocals.
Pride and solemnity carries Pedon veri to their banner, the main motive obeys the instructions of the male growling, the singing lady embellishes and gives the folklore tint of the composition. Ah, it's so charming and exciting!
The gentle, soft and charming voice of the singing lady combines with the gentle and ghostly dance with motifs of the piano in the Syvalla vedessa, then these motifs become heavier and more compacted to support the male growling. So multi-genre and exciting album ends, this diverse and versatile ballad ... Ah, I will not add to the description anyword - I will re-listen to it again and again!