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Rage and anger will sweep the mind

August 10, 2021
Almost Dead, 2021 -  Brutal Onslaught

The announcer announces the audience about the beginning of the presentation, then the Cage Fighter composition rolling with persistent guitar riffs, anticipating the introduction of violent and indignant vocals. The Leave The Weak introduction's intrigue spins the flywheel of a melodic mysteriousness, then continuing together with the vocal appeals the musical essence of the Almost Dead - Brutal Onslaught album. Further, the vocals varies the sound and tonality. The Last Rite song is injected with a dense rhythmic battle marsh heartbeat.
The mysterious sound of mysterious ballad expands the stylistic framework of the album into accession, but then the sound of the Downfall song is transformed into a fierce musical thriller, rushing a rapid storm. The Amaurosis fascinates with an exciting intro's guitar solo, then withdrawing a vocal party to the forefront of the musical image. The Lost My Way song continues the dominance of vocals in a musical entity, enveloping vocal appeals with mid-tempo melodic covers.
The sparkling melody of the guitar solo enchants the fascinating sound, then supporting the Masked Pain vocals appeals by musical passages. Ideal RemainsAn impatient pulsation entry appeal to the alarmed thoughts, but then the music rolls the rhythmic procession of musical passages, uprising a vocal part to the top of the Turn To Stone musical image.
Handing rapid insidement, the Pull Rank song is unrestrained to embody the musical rage. The Metal Therapy composition combines vocals recalculation, angry waves ascending over medium-point musical power with rhythmic ripples of combat march. The A Vile Descent track begins with a romantic guitar solo, inferior to the place of changeable vocal variations ending the album.