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June 11, 2018
Amorphis - Queen Of Time

Incredible playfulness The Bee with spicy oriental motifs intertwines with the enchanted hard phrases of the growling, fascinated by the frantic clean vocals phrases starting Amorphis - Queen Of Time album.
Relying on the enchanting component of the main motif and juggling feelings of clean vocals, Message In The Amber brightly and majestically shades his reflections with a growling. Symphonic tendencies sigh, then Daughter Of Hateis simplified, but very worthy and exciting continues the previous composition, progressively pulsating in the complex rhythm of the verse, then splashing out the main motif very similar to the previous composition. Playfully and impatiently flirting in The Golden Elk introduction, the music then returns a century ago juggling with vocal changes.
The captivating and exciting frames of the Wrong Direction main motive are captivated by incredibly hitish limits, preserving its outlines while keepin\g clean vocals on the frontline.
Mysterious ballad motives are preceded by meditative reflections embodied in an exciting motif, bringing spicy trends of the desert and hot thoughts of the Heart Of The Giant main motive.
In a vivid and exciting We Accursed composition, the vocal dominates, leaving a deep growling at the forefront of sound - creating the most spectacular hit enslaving your obedient servant.
Oriental motifs delightfully spicy bring the spirit of the desert, supplementing Grain Of Sand with so harshly growling vocals with the clean vocls notes in the chorus and after it.
Amongst StarsMajestic and exciting notes of the main motive appear in introductions, alternating with the minds of pure vocal, supplemented by reflections of female vocals, wrapped by the guarding growling.
As if continuing the previous composition Pyres On The Coast enchants in majestic meditations, alternating vocal reflections with a vague alternation of unclear thoughts.
The bonus part will not allow the album to end, drawing even more into the hit points, enchanting the delightful ballad As Mountains Crumble (Bonus Track), supplementing the reflections with the mysterious and enchanting 2. It's hard to describe such a diverse album - today one, tomorrow another.