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Queen of pirates ready to collapse by fire and sword on anyone and everything!

June 26, 2017
White Skull - Will of the Strong

Conceptual saga White Skull - Will of the Strong about the Irish pirate queen Granuaile inspires to fill the gaps in the knowledge of history!
Great epic, multi-valued orchestral introduction Endless Rage begins the album, creating an atmosphere of mysterious mystery. Holy Warrior complements the sound waves of drive, with the introduction of the vocal furious lady bard complements the tale of significance. In general, the composition continues the musical line laid down in the introduction.
Praising the ancient folklore motifs, the majestic march Grace O' Malley with the introduction of the vocals increases the pace, turns from the march to fast swift procession.
Swift, rapid title track Will of the Strong sounding creates the basis for a musical celebration, over which the banner of symphonic melodies rushes. In the instrumental part, melodism comes to the fore, creating an inspired respite for the next unrestrained wave of drive.
The choir of wise men and lady creates an epic introduction Lady of Hope, music explodes with a rapid flash enveloped in charming key motifs. Then the pace calms down, turning the composition into an inspirational mid-tempo, sweeping the pace in the choruses.
Hardly, confidently and persistently the queen of pirates asserts to everyone that I Am Your Queen to all around, demanding obedience and inspiring her team to go into battle.
Inspiration, accumulating strength in a melodic Hope Has Wings intro then rushes in a heroic style for the upcoming victories.
The proud, solemn and majestic sound of the Metal Indian introduction influences the further pulsing of the musical organism of the composition.
Shieldmaiden unites in the stream of music drive, melody and emotional inspiration. Pulse combines with anxious musical notes, then sensual female vocals along with the guitar motive creates an alarming atmosphere, forming Sacrifice intro. Fiddles passages complement this sensual, thoughtful and watchful ballad, then saturating the sound with power and stiffness.
The emotional ballad in the previous composition appeals to a furious drive, incarnating in the mid-tempo Lay Over, with a sound more prone to harder and heavier styles. Completing the album Warrior Spirit continues the style of the previous composition, combining drive and power with sensuality and emotions, covering it with symphonic passages.