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Purification of the spirit and body by righteousness

November 22, 2021
Project Hate MCMXCIX - Purgatory

The thoughtful musical narrative of the Kill Everyone song begins the enigmatic musical story of the The Project Hate MCMXCIX - Purgatory album, alternating and combining the enchanting tunes of the singing lady and the harshly meaningful proclamations of deep male growling, combining music in the progressive mystique of a viscous and drawn-out tempo with vibrant swirls of restrained musical drive without crossing the line of medium tempo.
Immediately exploding with the furious fury of musical rage, the Atonement track complements them with the demonic fury of vocal growling, artistically and progressively weaving together the frenetic drive of a furious musical thriller. But then the female vocals transform the sound with the epic banners of the valiant saga, diversifying the compositional structure and musical essence of this song.
After long ponderings of the melodic sounding guitar solo intro, the Sacrifice composition again and again transforms the rhythm and tempo of the sound, at times returning to the romantic mood of the guitar solo.
Diversifying the sound of the vocal part, the Diatribe Cult song enters with dreamy inspired chants of clean male vocals, but then returns to growling, filling the sound of the composition with motifs of the epic saga and then returning again to the clean male vocals.
The Greatness solemn march follows a valiant march of musical grandeur, combining this musical grandeur with variations in the vocal part. The Birth track concludes the album with a wise musical procession.