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Protection of spiritual beggars

August 22, 2022
Hive - Spiritual Poverty

The introduction of the With Roots In Hell composition draws us into the rapid wounds through the Hive - Spiritual Poverty album, preparing for the problems and disasters to come. Then the vocals irresistibly and angrily come to the forefront of the musical image. Musical and vocal anger intertwine in a whirlwind of joint emotional drive, intertwining in the lace of a frenetic So It Is Done musical thriller.
Again flashing haste and haste, the Parallel Lines and the Remedy composition prepares for a painful procession and a meaningful narrative of the Metamorphosis dark anthem.
Vocals come to the forefront of the Order As Law angry proclamation, leading the musical drive to follow his unrestrained power and anger. The Protection musical thriller develops the motifs of the previous angry performance, complementing the vocal excitement with musical energy, drive and shimmering guitar riffs.
Power and drive are prepared by the frantic unrestrainedness of the Hunger Strike song, preparing for a progressive and pensive transformation of the Hallucination composition, beasting the album with its most successful and complex musical artwork.