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Programmed for a sinful purpose

November 21, 2022
Death Decline - Built for Sin

The acoustic guitar intro of the Are We? composition, complemented by distant vocal screams and drumming of the battle march, begins the musical path of the Death Decline - Built for Sin album, then explodes with a furious guitar solo and the dense power of the pushy drive of the uncompromising Architect of Fears musical thriller.
Rhythmic pulsations of guitar riffs weave the musical structure of the Enslave the Weak main motif, long and carefully preparing for the introduction of the vocal part, then again building the compositional structure of the Despise and Delusion song on guitar riffs, at first sounding harshly with the bitterness of the vocal narrative, but then again and again transforming in accordance with vocals variations. Impatiently, anxiously and nervously, the musical passages of the Elevate composition are woven in a haze of vague alarm, which is pierced by whirlwinds of drive and melodic charm. The title track of the Built for Sin album appears as a long musical creation, beginning and ending with a cluster of appeals from radio announcers, various speeches and acoustic guitar musical canvas, then meaningfully and excitingly rolling out fascinating scrolls of epic musical tales.
The guitar solo of the Perpetual Way of Sin intro refers to the motifs of the previous composition, but is soared by the rapid flight of musical drive, which at first complements the harsh fierce vocals, then inspired vocal phrases - in order to further intertwine in mutual complement. The Dark Widow composition captivates in the energetic swiftness of unrestrained dance, which is pacified by the brooding of the acoustic introduction combined with emotional despair, which sets the mood and style of the musical step of the Alone Die the Sinners final composition of the album.