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Prime time movie

April 15, 2023
Storm Of Light, 2018 -  Anthroscene

The intriguing mystery of the intro with echoes of the distant surf ends with pulsations of restrained drive, combined with eclipses in the main motif of the Prime Time song, crowned with pensive vocal phrases that bring shades of ascension and inspiration to the chorus, continuing the sound of the A Storm Of Light - Anthroscene album with tense forebodings and the confident pace of the Blackout musical march.
In the twilight atmosphere of the Short Term Feedback composition, the music envelops a haze of ghostly conjectures, in which the significance of vocals lyrics is manifested, continuing in the thoughtful reflections of the Life Will Be Violent song, sometimes retreating before the rush of musical variations of instrumental parts.
The subdued mystery of the vocal story in an intriguing whisper comes to the fore in the introduction, then raising its sound above the twilight musical background of the Slow Motion Apocalypse composition, sometimes ascending in emotional inspiration upwards, dissipating these emotional splashes with pensive reflections of the Dim rhythmic march, which keeps the vocal part in the foreground.
Enchanting the guitar solo of the intro, the Laser Fire Forget composition weaves from it the background lace of the main motif, rolling out the musical canvas for the vocal story, completing the artistic story of this concept album with the intriguing mystery of the Rosebud final composition.