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Priests and healers are everywhere in the universe

April 25, 2021
Velvet Viper  -  Cosmic Healer

Sharpening the sword, the clash of swords and battle march injected mood of readiness for the impending battles, then crowning the mood of the Sword Sister songs the vocal verse meditations and offering up a head of military banners in the chorus. The Let Metal Be Your Master composition involves banners of serving a common cause and calls for unity of combat brothers in serving elected ideals and unity in this battle. The title composition of the Velvet Viper - Cosmic Healer album begins the narration of the storyboard, then placing the vortices of the musical drive around the phrases of the singing lady, complementing the vocal part by the background handles of the male vocal in the chorus, crowned the musical image with keyboard artistry.
The foster drive of the main motive is the vocal narration in the emotional wave crest of the musical image of the Holy Snake Mother composition. The Voice of an Anarchist track makes a guitar solo to the foreground of the musical image, then the vocals meditations by the threads of musical variations. Soakly and tensely exhaust folklore fairy tales rolling with heavy waves of severe alarms into the sound of the Sassenach song. The Osiris saga returns us during the time of antique heroes and legends, keeping the density of the medium-dimension drive.
Intro's drumroll emphasizes the rhythmic pattern of the On the Prowl track, then ascends vocal experiences on the wave crests of the musical sea. The vocal party goes to the forefront of the Long Shadows musical image, supplemented with musical experiences and changeable additions. The Darkness of Senses intro's bass guitar emphasizes the harsh significance of the sound, topped with an artistic keyboard and inspired vocal phrases. The Gotterdammerung (Acoustic Version) completes the musical assembly with the memory of ancient fairy tales.