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Prepare for the parade! Graves have to be checked as well!

August 06, 2017
Kobold - Death Parade

In the introduction Madman's Overture (feat. Dan Brudar of Marrow of Salvation) , an exciting melody inspires further listening of the entire album Kobold - Death Parade !
Immediately after such bright saga follows the title track Death Parade, brightly and entertaining unifying mad drive in verses with a melody in the breeches and instrumental parts. Without the slightest respite, the raging race carries away in the impetuous impulsive Fake (feat. Daca of Nadimac), which does not recognize fatigue and recuperation. Fight! Fight! Fight! The bass guitar solo starts Random Act of Violence, later circling in the whirlwind of instrumental passages that juggling the words of vocal phrases.
In the pursuit of light and warmth, bright shimmering stream of musical ideas I, Icarus directs us towards the sunlight, combining clean and few harsh tones in the vocals shades.
When the Eyes Turn Inwards swiftly and unshakably rushes in a frenzied drive, sweeping aside any resistance, did not accept any obstacles. In the chorus, the vocals become sterner, the music compacts its impetuous flight, however, without slowing down the pace.
Classical, traditional sound of Die Hard will attract the attention of old-school fans, which up to gnashing of teeth enrages all sorts of newfangled "modern-music" scraps.
Soul Funeral continues the feast of traditional metal, confidently and aggressively hammering nails in the shining coffin of bleak glamorous stuff.
Instrumental extravaganza of the introduction NWO (feat. Dan Brudar of Marrow of Salvation) acquires gloomy character, supplementing the melodic with some shadows of vampires and frenzies of darkness.
Furiously and swiftly rushing through the shroud of brainless, unruly crowd, Ministry of Propaganda performs the speeches of propaganda, swirling whirlwinds of ideas in a verse. A few hard, furious phrases cry out for the next verse.
Sound returns to the inherent to this style furious musical and vocal decisions. But clean vocal phrases are complemented by rigid inclusions of severe harsh, rapid and driving motives alternate with rigid and furious inclusions in Headless Horseman, returns to origins and inspiration in Warth Child, supplemented by vocal decisions in Thrill for Speed.
Before the final composition, the return to the sources goes even deeper and more clearly - that performs Mistress of the Night for all of us.
Well, to give due honor and respect to the classics is worthless - not remembering anything from the well-known songs. Here this tribute is paid by Stand up and Fight (Exciter cover). Well - in my humnle opinion that's very successful and worthy cover!