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Premonitions describe the coming disasters, creating anxious thoughts

March 02, 2022
Inerth - Void

The dusky mystery of the Inerth - Void album's intriguing Precognition intro wraps up the mysteries, the Resilience In clues to solve which come in waves of hard driving, topped with menacing vocal proclamations and assertive guitar riffs with reassuring tones. The twilight solemnity of the Paranoiac Critical Solitude intro rolls out a velvet track in the forefront of the herald procession, announcing the approaching anxious meeting of grim calamity and uncontrollable frenzy.
Rolling in waves of stubborn march, the Isolate song carries us to the expanse of combat readiness to meet any obstacles and opponents. The Dismatle The Illusion composition enchants with a long introduction, enveloping the vocal musings with a dusky veil of impenetrable mystery.
The Deadline To Mankind intro to the next section of the album is marked by pleading and crying, anticipating the powerful and rhythmic mid-tempo pressure of the Visions Of Truth composition, combining music and vocals in confident rolls of the musical wheel. The gloomy sadness of the Nadir song seems to bog down in heavy reflections, unhurriedly and sorrowfully carrying its unbearable cross to further trials.
The swift and unrestrained frenzy of the Brave New Cold War dance anticipates the pensive march through the twilight and darkness of the ghostly mystery of the album's Reality Tunnels final track.