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Pray to your God break forth - Hallelujah!

August 03, 2016
Gevurah - Hallelujah!

A lot of adepts in dark colourless robes waits to shout  out  Gevurah - Hallelujah! to their God!
Relentless, vigilant and urgent whispers begins The Fire Dwelling Within rhythmically, quietly and eagerly preparing the ground for further progress on the path of the sacraments and rites, abruptly releasing energy with the vocals blows up all of the surrounding strongholds. Vocals and instruments among themselves decide - how to destroy the fortress. Quickly, sharply - or deliberately, persistently. Try all the options
Mysterious enigmatic extraterrestrial melodies Cosmic Putrefaction take away far from the perception and understanding of the distance from the nearest open spaces. Thick, spiteful, angry music binds attempts to escape, in the instrumental bridges entangling from all sides to verify the integrity of shackles.
The pettiness useless, you need to consider only most precious for you, Un Feu Indomptable helps you to estimate all what you have.
Gutar fingering combined with the melancoly guitar riff opens instrumental Lifting The Veils Of Da'at for us. Starts calmly and pensively, next added rage to instrumental rush.
Temple Without Form blak and dark story overcomes as furious flower. But adopts stays aroun that building, adobe or something else - they call that "The Temple". Pack of them stay around that Temple - evry night and day! Meaningless jumping from side to side, slurred speech - it Dies Irae - Lacrimosa. Claims a lot of Mozart and no Salieri as well.
Title track Hallelujah! starts as calm narrative tale, that arranged to enslave all of us with its sounds. So we have to admitted that it succeed that way and done that case the best it can! Church chorus extols by its chimes not 'till the end of the entire album, whole album finished by the mighty furious guitar riff with the perfect drums an nass support as well!