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Pray, pal - that's not just simple priest!

October 27, 2016
Eden's Curse - Cardinal

Decide what is holy and what is sinful is not given to all - but Eden's Curse - Cardinal is fully capable to do that!
Symphonic and lofty-sounding beginning induces streams of guitar notes pouring on us, combining riffs rush with words of the Prophets of Doom. The main motif rushes over the rhythmic structure like a disembodied spirit, inspired by exalted streams carried by foreshadowing of prophecies.
A clear and rhythmic story inspires consciousness, but to compensate and provide that at all - just need to Sell Your Soul to the Devil. Oh, that's all, of course!
Powerful and arrogant stubborn notes starting, continuing and demanding sounds of The Great Pretender speeches. Confidence goes beyond all limits, filling all around with its atmosphere.
Quickly and hastily riffs interwoven with keyboard passages in a single burst of beautiful surrounding vocal phrases to express and describe Messiah Complex, next beautiful keyboards tunes braides the chorus as ornate lace.
Intense emotional mood and require strict attention riffs brought to our consciousness the necessity to Find My Way, weaving it into a clear and resounding ballad, you want to listen to it again and again!
Kingdom of Solitude bases its sound on competition keyboards and bass guitar, which tends to subdue the sound. It demonstrates their commitment with solo improvisation in the middle of the composition.
Sublime keyboards passage carries us through the booths of the paradise garden, to get closer toUtopian Dreams. Following the intro aspiration becomes impatient impetuosity and lust is to show as soon as possible.
The narrator calls all to follow him, pointing out that such an opportunity will never again be presented, he tells that - This Is Our Moment. The midtempo story keyboards and guitar notes entwine phrases, as if accompanying and complements.
The night ends with not only the fire of dawn, its complete tongues of fire and flash of emotion, anger, and confusion - how can be Rome's on Fire?!
Lady adds tenderness of romance and mystery to Unconditional (feat. Liv Kristine) stories, combines with nervous and emotional male vocals in unbeatable uncertainties.
Saturated and stubborn beyond comparison and combination Saints & Sinners, all beautiful and wonderful things have their drawbacks, and in the sins and shortcomings - there's a bit of charm, what else about it?
Jericho combines symphonic style, that pours through dense hedges and evil sound like gold rain. Melodious and ornate motifs are not detaches from the clear and precise rhythms, captivating narrative accompanying the exquisite melodic passages in the instrumental part! Great song, as for me!