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Points of view are divided into three

December 17, 2020
Lustmord - Trinity

A mysterious haze with wordless chants of invisible fairies, supplemented by mysterious impulses and obscure omens complement the intriguing sound of the Twilight: Los Alamos first composition of the Lustmord - Trinity album. Then the announcer reveals the peculiarity of this story and the chants of the singing fairies rise to the top of the musical image. Twilight mystery of the Oak Ridge track creates a background of doubt and foreboding, whipping up disturbing thoughts and echoes of obscure fear.
Keeping the subdued instrumental twilight of the ambient musical atmosphere, the Dusk: White Sands composition in this haze denotes the solo sound of the main motive. However, this cry adds even more shades of anxiety and foreboding of the irreparable, recreating the distant howl of the winds in the Journey Of The Dead Man intro. But then the obscure echoes of invisible dangers complement the composition with a bewitching mystery, as if the echoes of invisible spirits bring in them the shades of their tunes, combined with the background chime of a mysterious melody and the muffled grinding of invisible mechanisms and electronic impulses of damaged equipment.
The Surface Zero gloomy echoes of forgotten events and vague guesses about what is happening and what is to come heighten anxiety and foreboding of disasters. The saddened melody of the final composition of the album A New Dawn: Hiroshima is like crying for those who left in this terrible catastrophe, which marked the disaster of the possible use of nuclear weapons.