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Pink haze in a nylon night

September 29, 2022
Sonja - Loud Arriver

After the intriguing intro of the When the Candle Burns Low composition, the music and vocals intertwine in the combined charm of musical dance, creating the opening intrigue of the Sonja - Loud Arriver album, continuing with the twilight mystery of the Nylon Nights song, emphasizing its meaning in the chorus and pushing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.
After the drumming, which opens the way for the Pink Fog composition, the vocal part rises with a whirlwind of emotionality, captivating the musical pressure, receding with vocal experiences before the twilight doubts of the pressure of the Wanting Me Dead main motif, complementing the main vocals with a background singing.
The guitar solo of the Fuck, Then Die intro shows the path of the main motif, then combining it with the dancing pulsations of rhythmics and vocals mystery. Juicy bright guitar riffs with musical melody in artistic charm, the Daughter of the Morning Star composition complements this unity with vocals experiences.
After a brief and hasty introduction, the Moans from the Chapel song elevates a sparkling canvas of vocal doubts and conjectures to the top of the musical waves, anticipating the album's completion with a twilight haze of mystical mystery in the melodic musical tale of the Loud Arriver album's title track.