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Pilgrims can not imagine themselves with no wanderings

December 17, 2018
Stoned Jesus - Piligrims

The noise of the wind, the growing intrigue anticipates the pulsing march that sets the persistent and assertive sounding of the Excited verse, then bringing up dreams and thoughts, summing up the sharp guitar passage in the chorus of the Stoned Jesus - Piligrims album's first song. But in the final part of the composition, the dream vocals and the enchanting melody of the guitar solo comes to the forefront of the musical image.
Thoughtful haze of distant wanderings introduces shades of oriental folklore, but the stubborn riff of the Thessalia main motif complements the suffering prayers of the vocal with harsh and dense riffs, giving confidence in the immutability of eternal traditions.
The introductory atmosphere continues with the introduction of vocals, enveloping the thoughts and mind with motives and unhurried reflections, sweeping up vocal inspiration in the Distant Light chorus. The guitar solo in the instrumental part pacifies any anxiety, calming the forebodings of dangers in distant wanderings. In the final chorus, the vocals become hardened, appealing to the stiffening of the musical canvas.
A leisurely and thoughtful romance Feel brings a bluesy mood to the album, slowly and intently spreading the atmosphere of sophisticated reflections. In the middle song's part the guitar riffs make the sound heavier, the vocals complement this twilight with nervous screams. But a soft acoustic guitar solo brings back a romantic mood, unleashing a charming chorus sound.
The Hands Resist Him main motive envelops with a gloomy round dance, vocal phrases complement this exciting ballad with romantic experiences and an inspirational shade of feelings and experiences.
The music is unhurriedly developed, the vocals at first pray in a suffering tone, invoking the name of the Water Me composition. Then the vocals repeat the title again and again, complementing it with phrases like "Let me go", "let me show" creating a complete picture of suffering experiences. But the final part of the composition explodes with a spectacular guitar solo, discarding prayers and anxiety and bringing in the rebellious rock'n'roll spirit.
Electronic motifs echo the sound of the final composition Apathy, expanding the stylistic framework of the album. But from time to time dense musical passages and exciting guitar solos return the composition to the usual spaces.