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Piercing the clouds with a glance

April 11, 2023
John Irvine Band - Scanning The Dark Horizon

The musical charm of the title track begins with the story of the progressive musical fairy tale of the The John Irvine Band - Scanning The Dark Horizon instrumental aotbom, slowly and mesmerizingly marching through uncharted expanses in search of an unattainable goal. The Cloud Seeders composition envelops a twilight haze of mystery and obscurity, in which echoes of restrained drive are manifested, pressing with stubborn persistence in combination with whirling artistic guitars and keyboards passages.
The bright and sparkling dreaminess of the Solar Winds track carries away wanderings and explorations, enchanting with its sound, developing these fascinating musical motifs in the unhurried sound of the Of Seas and Oceans composition, in the sound of which there is an influence of lounge music and a romantic atmosphere.
Expanding the stylistic framework of the album, the sound of the A Delicate Thread track brings some elements of electronic music to them, complementing them with sparkling guitar passages in a joint musical charm with keyboard dreaminess, returning to the leitmotif of the album in the musical story of the Lifeline composition.
The echoes of bad weather recede before the inspired wanderings of the The Storm Chasers track, confidently and brightly marching along the chosen path, anticipating the mysterious atmosphere of the sound of the A World on the Run final composition of the album.