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Personal perception of heaven

August 07, 2023
Mystfall - Celestial Vision

The intriguing mystery of the opening combines symphonic nuances with the coming development of the Resisting Heaven musical essence with background chorales and the mystical charm of the acoustic essence on the eve of the symphonic introduction of the title track of the Mystfall - Celestial Vision album, combining in a single musical whirlwind the enchanting melodies of a singing lady, complemented by the stern growling vocals of an ally with enchanting musical veils.
The furious introduction weaves a whirlwind of the main motive, sometimes receding before vocal reflections, but again returning in unity with the vocals ascension in the chorus of the Centuries composition, continuing the symphonic search in combination with rhythmic variations in the sound of the Endless song, complemented by combinations of modern influences with oriental motives.
The sad reflections of the introduction weave further lace of the Silence symphonic ballad, anticipating the promotion of the inspired greatness of the singing lady to the fore, continuing the vocal narration in the foreground of the sound of the Kings Of Utopia musical fairy tale with notes of an epic saga and a battle march.
The rhythmic procession, entwined with symphonic whirlwinds, is combined with the solemn ascension of the vocal story in an epic sound and the Moral Compass anthem, raising vocal phrases to the crests of musical waves, retreating before the combination of bard ballads and druidic tales of The Balance Of Time song, combining these motives with the vocal charm of a singing lady in anticipation of the Freedom Path final composition album, enveloping vocals persistence with musical rebellion.