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Permission finally obtained

March 25, 2020
Anvil - Legal At Last

The title track begins the Anvil - Legal At Last album with the click of an opening bottle and the sound of pouring alcohol, then the music and vocals fly away with the swift drive of the furious thriller, emphasizing the name in the chorus. Walking along the stubborn march of the main motive, Nabbed In Nebraska adheres to its malleable musical twilight. The introduction creates a brief intrigue, then the Chemtrails music and vocals are marching along the line between the mid-tempo composition and the storm of rapid drive.
A tough and viscous musical narration slowly walks in a hindered musical procession, crowning unhurried Gasoline musical passages with unhurried vocal phrases. Developing from the whirlwind of the guitar solo of the introduction, the inspirational drive of the main motive, I'm Alive gives an encouraging mood, raising the name on rebellious banners again and again. Stubbornly and persistently marching in a harsh mid-tempo march, Talking To The Wall persistently accentuates the name in the chorus, painfully fettling the tempo and rhythm of the musical composition with chains of the guitar solo of the instrumental part.
Twisted from side to side with the musical passages of introduction before the introduction of vocals, Glass House complements the music with a drive, but softening the sound to emphasize vocal phrases. The drum roll of the Plastic In Paradise introduction ends with a thoughtful ballad, complementing wise vocal reflections with leisurely peals of a marching anthem. Intriguing with thoughts of verse Bottom Line raises musical banners of inspiration in the chorus. The instrumental part explodes with a stream of furious drive, crowned with a bright guitar solo.
The anger and rage of the musical drive are intertwined with the fierce vocal part, uniting in Food For The Vulture as single musical thriller. Driving a drum roll into the introduction, Said And Done marches on a pensive march on the verge of a ballad, completing the main part of the album. But No Time (Bonus Track) complements this release with a swift flight of metal passages.