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Perfect view - have to be

April 30, 2022
Trampolene - Love No Less Than A Queen

The intriguing musical mystery of the Gotta Do More Gotta Be More track creates anticipation of the artistic development of the musical variations of the Trampolene - Love No Less Than A Queen album, then bringing the inspired vocal doubts of the Oh Lover song to the forefront of the musical image, and then enveloping The Misadventures Of Lord Billy Bilo vocals dusk that is conjectured with covers of musical mystery.
The vocals of the No Love No Kisses composition seem to pose questions and look for answers to them with a new musical melody. The Remember acoustic ballad fascinates with the romantic softness of melodic artistry and vocal charm continuing romantic reflections with notes of recitative and doubts of the Uncle Brian's Abattoir (Feat. Peter Doherty) romance.
The musical mystery intrigues together with the vocal mysteries of the verse, exalting sparkling inspiration in the Shoot The Lights chorus, then enchanting with the Lighter Than Paper romantic symphony in the enchanting mystery of music and vocals and the joyful idle procession of the Perfect View ballad.
Vocal narration in the recitative is brought to the forefront of the Born Again song, then fascinated by the sound of the Milan ballad and expanding the stylistic framework with the Come Join Me In Life final vocal monologue.